Mysteries of the Mansus

Mild Spoilers Ahead

Why do we have wings, if not to fly? Worms are but base creatures, fit for nothing but to crawl the earth. Thus is written the truth of the Meniscate.

This is a hint document to the Cultist Simulator ARG. Hopefully some of these hints may help you ascent to the higher mysteries. Also consider joining the other scholars on the Discord server.


Phase 0

The Beginning

  • Check the game files.


  • If you search for the eidesis, think in general terms.

The Sky

  • If you are looking for the sky, look for something that means the same.
  • Yes, the term is a bit farfetched.
  • Chances are you have been here before.

Phase I

We Await S.T.E.

  • Once again, look for a book.
  • Have you heard of Thomas Pynchon?
  • You'll recognize the term if you find it. What does it refer to?


  • Take this very literally.

A Choice

  • You have seen, and maybe made, this choice before


  • Take this literally too.
  • This doesn't refer to Port Noon, the Noonverse, or the Game.

Phase IV

  • Only one of the phrases will give you a good result when googling it
  • One hint is common to both emails
  • Recall what Tristero is, and what they need for their work
  • The password is connected to a geographic location
  • The password is not pronounceable

Phase V

  • Part of the hint lies outside the content
  • This is similar to a puzzle you have solved before
  • The solution contains no spaces or punctuation, but more than one word

Phase VI

Hints only provided for the bird path


  • Each line is a different clue
  • Sometimes, hints are cryptics
  • The gatekeepers framed the road to the isle of glass
  • The merit of this invisibility can be disputed


  • Your target lays at the Gate of Horn
  • One part of the riddle tells you where you cannot continue

Phase VII

  • Recall what you should do first when game updates

Phase VIII

  • The changed names are, at best, a sidenote
  • Dream furiously and pay attention to what you see
  • These words appear in the game at another place
  • Where then, online, could you find a nest?

Phase IX

  • If you where an organization or club, what would you need aside from a Twitter account?

Phase X

  • You are looking for the names, the epithets and the keys
  • Five are known to us
  • One you have found before
  • The last belongs to the same geographical region as the one before
  • Try to match epithets to names
  • You can verify names on the site - remember what a site needs

Phase XI

  • Try to gather all the Ligeians
  • Order is important, but only a few orders are commonly used
  • What is the key?
  • What are the names of the key?